Nassau County Lawyer

Were you arrested in Amelia Island?  Are you having trouble with your drivers license in Nassau County?  Have you separated from your husband or wife in Fernandina Beach?  Is your house going through foreclosure in Hilliard or Callahan?  Do you have legal problems in Yulee? If you are looking for a lawyer in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, call a Jacksonville Law Office that will go the distance for you.  When you need a lawyer, it is because you have problems that you cannot solve on your own.  At 20 Miles Law, your attorney will do what it takes to help you through this trying time.  Hire a lawyer with trial experience that will give you the representation that you need and deserve.

By calling 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525, you can speak with a Jacksonville Florida Lawyer that know how important your case is and that has experience in fighting all types of cases.  It is important to understand that every case is different.  Most people want to work their case out as easily as possible, but this cannot always happen.  You need a Jacksonville lawyer to be strong and aggressive and fight your case to the fullest.  Whether you are looking to file a lawsuit or seek other relief from the Nassau County Court or fight a case, you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for you.

At 20 Miles Law, a Jacksonville lawyer will represent you in Nassau County, Florida.  Contact a lawyer in Jacksonville by calling (904) 564-2525.

Cynthia Veintemillas is a Jacksonville criminal lawyer and a former Duval County Public Defender.  As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, Cynthia Veintemillas has successfully defended people charged with crimes ranging from petit theft and juvenile charges to drug sales and aggravated battery.  She will fight for you whether you are charged with aggravated assault or violation of probation.  It is best to focus on your case right away and get a head start, so call as soon as possible.  Cynthia Veintemillas has fought for defendants in jury trials, ranging from Jacksonville Domestic Battery and Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence to Jacksonville Burglary and murder.

20 Miles Law will also work to Seal or Expunge your Florida Criminal Record.  Cynthia Veintemillas will work to help you clear your record.  She knows how to treat a criminal case, so the record can later be sealed or expunged.  Call (904) 564-2525 or email to get rid of your criminal record.

If you are in need of a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer,
 20 Miles Law can help you with your Florida driving record.  Call if you need help with a Florida speeding ticket or other traffic citation in Nassau County.  It does not matter if you are charged with Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence or Driving on a Suspended License.  Cynthia Veintemillas has helped many Florida habitual traffic offenders get their Florida Driver’s Licenses back.

A Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer at 20 Miles Law can help you with your Florida Foreclosure case.  Cynthia has represented many people for years in foreclosure cases.  Whether you are going through a short sale, meditation, or other trouble with your home, you do not go through this alone. A Florida foreclosure Attorney should help you with your options, such as foreclosure mediation, while still fighting in court.

Do you have a family law cae in St. Johns County? Are you trying to get a separation from your spouse?  20 Miles Law is a Jacksonville Divorce Law Office.  Talk to a Florida family law attorney about your domestic situation.  Divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation rights are all things that a strong lawyer can help you with.