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Have you been arrested in St. Johns County?  Are you being investigated for a crime in Duval County?  Are you fighting a criminal case in Clay County?  Do you a Jacksonville criminal lawyer in Nassau County?  Choosing the right attorney is an important decision that you must make.  A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney could make a difference in your case.

You may be looking for a Jacksonville lawyer that has experience with many Florida criminal cases and understands the criminal justice system.  You want someone that can answer your questions.  You case is different and needs to be defended in an aggressively.  Cynthia Veintemillas is an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer who prides herself on the legal services that she provides for her clients.  She is a former assistant public defender in Duval County.  She has an in-depth understanding of the criminal law process.   As a public defender, she successfully represented hundreds of clients in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.  Her experience ranges from driving under the influence and domestic battery cases to armed robbery and murder.  Due to her experience at the public defender’s office, she understands that if your criminal attorney has too many cases, you will not receive the quality representation that your case demands.  She became a private attorney in 2008, so she could choose quality over quantity.  She want to devote more time and resources to each client on a personal level.

We have all heard the phrase, “innocent until proven guilty.”  While the constitution requires this standard, it seems that people believe you are guilty just because you were arrested.  This is not fair.  When a person is arrested, it does not mean that he or she is guilty.  People can be falsely accused, and they are in need of a Jacksonville lawyer to help them.  An arrest may be based on faulty evidence, improper eyewitness identification, coerced confessions, and witnesses who do not tell the truth.  In some cases, the prosecutor may overcharge a criminal defendant.  For example, people are charged with Jacksonville Battery, when they were involved in a fight.  The proper crime would have been a Jacksonville Fighting charge, which is a lesser crime.  A Jacksonville lawyer with experience with Florida’s laws and the courtroom, can help you with any of these issues.

You may have been arrested in Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, or Duval County.  This does not mean you are going to prison, jail, or you will be convicted of the crime charged.  The sooner you get started defending yourself, the better, so you should have a criminal lawyer to pursue the case at the early stages.  Your Florida attorney may be able to talk to the prosecutor and discuss your charges being dropped or reduced.  You may be able to enter a pre-trial diversion program, which would result in the charges being dropped.  Cynthia Veintemillas is a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that has handled thousands of cases with different prosecutors in Clay, Duval, and St. Johns Counties.  She has courtroom and trial experience.  She also has experience negotiating criminal cases.

When you have closed your criminal case, you probably want to erase the charge from your record.  Your Jacksonville Lawyer may be able to petition to seal or expunge your record.  It is important to have a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that knows how to expunge or seal your record.  Cynthia Veintemillas is a lawyer that seals records, so knows how to dispose of a criminal case in a proper manner.

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Dealing in Stolen Property
Domestic Violence
Driving Offenses
Jacksonville DUI -Driving While Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)
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False Imprisonment
Firearms and Weapons Crimes
Fleeing and Attempting to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer
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Obstruction of Justice
Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record
Traffic Tickets and Speeding Tickets
Violation of Probation
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